Hi! Nice to meet you.

I’m Marisa, and I’m passionate about what I do – by the beauty and uniqueness of each person, about the stories each one have to tell, for life and the moments that fill it up.

My purpose is to tell your story, capturing natural expressions of life, love and joy from a fresh, creative and artistic perspective, without artificialisms.

I make imagery in different type of sessions - travel, engagement, portrait, family, weddings and events.

I had my first machine of keeping moments when I was 5 years old and over the years I’ve been acquiring others. It fascinates me that each camera has its own personality and offers different looks, and that’s why I take several for each photographic session.

In addition to education in photography and audiovisual, I’ve worked several years as a designer, and I consider everything I had the opportunity to learn as an asset to my work as a photographer.

Curious facts about Marisa
1) Occasional illustrator.
2) Gets dirty every time she ate chocolate ice-cream.
3) Dreams one day to live in Paris.
4) Can’t decide if she prefers cooking or eating.

* Portrait taken at Photomaton, Firenze